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Sponsor a ME Pack


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Donate Goods


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Donations are the lifeblood of our organisation with the generosity of our valued volunteers. 

View our donations options, good that are needed and victorian location to drop off your donations.

Sponsor a ME Pack

Sometimes children arrive in care with only the clothes on their back. Our backpacks and nappy bags provide the essentials for a child during a time of great uncertainty. Each ME pack includes essentials and items of comfort, to support a child entering out of home care or emergency accommodation, and costs just $75.00 to complete. 

Each ME Pack provides a child with around $400 worth of material aid. The value of hope and self esteem = priceless.

Donate Goods

B4VK gratefully accept  goods for our backpacks and nappy bags. Please check our Facebook page for items that we need on What We Need Wednesday.

We believe that children who receive our packs deserve goods in excellent or new condition. We know that you’ll agree, anything not of the condition we give will be utilised elsewhere.

We have a standardised set of goods in each of our nappy bags and backpacks that each child entering out of home care receives. You can see what a typical backpack or nappy bag might look like below.

Baby brush/comb (new only please)

Baby formula (sample sizes only, pre-packaged please)

Baby wash and moisturiser – up to 250ml(new only please) 

Baby wipes (new and unopened please)

Baby wraps or swaddles (new or like new)

Backpacks (Large – new or like new)

Large sports bags for our teenage packs

Large nappy bags 

Bibs (new or like new please)

Blanket or blankie (new or like new please) 

Body wash/soap (new only please) up to 250ml

Books – reading  (new or like new please) – All ages including baby ABC books right the way through to young adult

Clothing (new or like new please) -Casual and stretchy is best! We love trackpants, leggings, hoodies, jumpers, long sleeve or short sleeve casual tops, shorts and singlets

Baby clothing ages sizes 0000-0 – including onesies (unisex is best for these sizes).

Boys and girls clothing 1-18 as well as Women’s S M L and Men’s S M L

Socks (new only) all sizes as above

Underwear (new in sealed packaging please) all sizes as above

NB: Pants over size 10 must have an elasticised waistband.Please no formal wear, tailored clothing, dress-ups, costumes or clothing with references to “mum” or “dad.” 

Deodorant – (roll on – new only please) NB: we cannot accept aerosols or glass

Drink Bottles – for our School Essentials and backpacks (new only please) suitable for  all ages. 

Dummy/pacifier (new only please) – Newborn to 18 months

Facewashers/flannels/sponges/shower puffs (new only please)

Feeding bottle/sippy cup (new only please)

Hairbrush/comb (new only please)

Hair-styling products (new only please)

Hand Towel and/or bath towel (new only please)

Lip balm (new only please in sealed packaging)

Lunch boxes – for our School Essentials and backpacks (new only please)  – all ages 

Nappies– Opened or new is great – each nappy bag gets 7 nappies

Nappy rash cream (new only please)

Office Stationery e.g. Postage stamps, envelopes, A4 and A3 paper

Tea/ coffee/ biscuits 

Sanitary pads (new only please)

Shampoo and conditioner (new only please) – up to 250ml

Shower gel/soap (new only please) – up to 250ml 

Sleepwear or pyjamas (new only please)

Small tissue packs (individually sealed please)

Soft toys or teddybears (new only please)

Stationary (new only please)

Combination padlocks




Exercise or binder books

Glue sticks 

Highlighter pens 

Pencil case 

Pens and lead pencils

Pencils or textas 




Stationery bags/book/library bags (new only)

Toiletry bags (new only)

Toothbrushes (new only please)

NB: We unfortunately cannot accept toothbrush multipacks

Toothpaste (new only please small sizes up to 110g).

Kids toothpastes, (e.g. Macleans milk teeth) right through to adult. 

NB: No whitening toothpaste please, or toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Torches (new or like new please) – With new AA or AAA batteries

NB: No button batteries please

Books/Stationery (new only please) 

Colouring, craft and exercise/activity/scrap books

Diary or notepad (new only please)

Games/puzzles/toys/cards (new only please)- All ages, compact size, to fit in a backpack

Hat (new only please) – Beanies, or summer hats/caps all ages

Jewellery (new only please)

Pillowcases (new or like new please)

Toys (new only please) – All ages, compact sized, to fit in a backpack, no button batteries please.

Due to size/safety/hygiene/appropriateness we regretfully cannot accept any of the following items:


No adult jeans or adult tailored pants  

No children’s jeans without elastic waist from size 10 up

No bottles of shampoo/conditioner over 250ml (we have limited space in the back packs)

No razors/ aerosols/ sprays

Nothing in glass 

Nothing flammable

Nothing toxic

No torches or toys with button batteries 

Nothing with alcohol in it (eg. Perfume, some mouthwash)

No evening wear/ fancy children’s clothes

No clothing with references to “mum or dad” 

No women’s size 16 +  / Ladies XL, XXL etc. 

No preloved soft toys (we have an abundance thank you)  

No clothing, colouring books, stationary with themes of violence, or weaponry

Nothing with stains/ tears/ rips, nothing in disrepair

No sharp items 

No nail polish 

No used underwear or socks  

No multipacks of toothbrushes

B4VK has a number of handy drop-off locations around Victoria and beyond, check the list below to find a B4VK contact near you. Please SMS or call your location contact to arrange a drop-off time. ​

If you or your workplace are interested in becoming a drop-off point for B4VK, please contact us.​

   Bairnsdale Keryn and Ian  040 970 1021

   Ballarat Margy 0427 346 816

   Ballarat Simone 0490 550 157

   Ballarat Lisa 0439 656 238

   Bendigo Dot 0408 590 087

   Berwick  Jenny  0417 513 905

   Binginwarri/Welshpool  Marilyn  041 062 4355

   Bright Toni  0427 552 265

   Bulleen Wilma  041 089 0465

   Cape Schanck Cass  0417 253 151

   Chadstone  Rhonda  0448 215 537

   Craigieburn Kym 0422 233 921

   Cranbourne after hours  Sally 041 220 5943

   Cranbourne Mon-Fri 9:30am-4pm  B4VK HQ  8712 9545

   Dromana  Hester  041 712 0537

   Eltham Janine 0403 027 980

   Frankston North Cass 0417 253 151

   Geelong (Wandana Heights) Emilie 0425 242 785

   Hoppers Crossing  Julie  040 781 9301

   Keysborough  Lenise  041 113 9564

   Lang Lang Jody 0418 518 789

   Narre Warren Wendy (Casey Aged Care)  9705 2589

   Noble Park  Dawn  0407 325 030

   Penguin (Tasmania)  Wendy  040 889 1707

   Preston Gina 0409 558 221 

   Rochester Belinda 0479 114 275

   Rochester Michelle 0418 999 408    

   Tooradin  Loretta  041 078 7114

   Vermont  Kylie  041 425 7747

   Warrnambool  Jennifer and Peter  040 161 1123

   Wheelers Hill Barb and Sharyn 0418 342 265

   Williamstown  Bea  0405 403 359

   Yarragon  Carol 0407 978 336

Make a Bequest

By leaving a bequest to Backpack 4 Vic Kids, you can help us continue our important work and make a real difference in the lives of children in need. Your bequest will ensure that we can continue to provide essential supplies to those who need them most, and help us to expand our reach to more children in the future.

Leaving a bequest is a simple process that can be done through your will. Your bequest can be for any amount and can be designated to support a specific program or area of our work. No matter the size of your bequest, it will have a lasting impact on the lives of children in need.

Leaving a bequest to Back pack 4 Vic Kids is a powerful way to leave a legacy of kindness and compassion. By supporting our organisation, you can help ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential.

Thank you for considering a bequest to Backpack 4 Vic Kids.

Your support will make a world of difference.