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My school essentials pack order form 

School Essentials Packs may be ordered using the form below. You may select the age, gender and quantity of the packs as required. Each School Essentials Pack is customised to the child receiving it. Our team will be in contact to work through the list of possible inclusions with the carer/case worker to ensure that we provide as closely as possible the items preferred by the school and needed by each child. Please note, we are unable to provide electronic devices as part of our SE packs. 

Kinship/Foster care and agency details

Please include below in the text field below: 

 - Organisation name and location (just the town),

-  Program name

- Case worker/contact's name and phone or email.

Please indicate any specific items that you may require (e.g. lunchboxes, combination locks, school stationery) and the ages and genders of children receiving the packs. Please note we are unable to supply any electronic devices at this time. A member of B4VK will call/email to confirm your requirements. 

Please indicate pick up or delivery

Please note, that My school essentials packs may contain sharps such as scissors, sharpeners and compasses. B4VK expects workers and carers to carefully inspect each My school essentials for its suitability based on their knowledge of the intended recipient.  Carers are responsible for the safety of the children in their care. This initiative will only be offered to carers in Victoria at this stage. By clicking submit, you agree to these terms.


Thank you for your request. A member of our B4VK team will be in contact shortly.

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