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Backpacks 4 VIC Kids has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. Gifts over $2.00 to B4VK are tax deductible. Please head over to our Donations page to make a contribution to B4VK. 

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General enquiries and supply requests


My Essentials (ME) Packs 

Providing emergency supplies for Victorian children placed in out-of-home care is at the heart of what we do at B4VK. "ME" stands for My Essentials. What are the basic clothing and necessities that you think you might need if you were suddenly displaced? This is what we provide to those children in our community who find themselves in these circumstances.


Since 2015, we have supplied Victorian children with over 6,000 ME packs. 


Often, children arrive in emergency accommodation with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. This could be pyjamas, or a school uniform. Our backpacks and nappy bags are filled with essential items to help get displaced children through the first 48 hours of care. The packs include basic toiletries, clothing, pyjamas, a torch and extra love items such as soft toys, blankets and games to provide some comfort as they fall asleep in a stranger's home. We are able to provide these items thanks to generous donations from both individuals and Australian businesses. To see how you or your business can help, please visit our what we need page. 

Requests for backpacks and nappy bags come from social workers, Victoria police, Department of health and human services and beyond. Requests for packs must be made in writing via our supply request form


Christmas 4 Kids in Care

Thank you to all who contributed to our Christmas Program 2018. What a success! With your help we provided 1546 children in out of home care, emergency accommodation and refuges something to smile about this Christmas. Thank you to the sewers for our gorgeous Santa sacks, to those who donated gifts, soft toys and books.

Huge thanks to those who came and helped us wrap, select, organise and deliver orders. It was a fantastic effort by all. Valued and generous sponsors included Moose Toys, Hasbro, 123 Read2Me, Medical and Aged Care Group, Casey Central Shopping Centre, Grill’d Casey, TOMY, Monash Drive Early Learning and Kinder and many others. We feel truly grateful and blessed to be part of such a giving community.

A carer said this: "Just want to say a huge Thankyou, I am a carer and the children in my care received the gift bags from you today !! We are so grateful, kids in out of home care have many challenges but amazing people like you make it so much easier for them  a organisation that actually gives to the kids in need. I wish I could attach a picture of the huge smiles on their faces but unfortunately can’t."

Agencies: Registration for 2019 Christmas 4 Kids in Care are now open.

Foster Feet Fitting Right In

We have plenty of these beautiful new Bata school shoes for kids in care. Sizes available range from small size 10 to big size 9. Styles include Treble, Forte, Duet and Jive. 


Please call us to arrange a fitting appointment and to ensure we have the right sizes in stock.  You will need to bring evidence of the kids being in your care.


We are very grateful to Bata Shoe Co Australia for donating these shoes