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We are a registered Not For Profit charitable organisation run by volunteers. We keep our overheads minimal, relying heavily on the time and skills of volunteers.


Our purpose is to aid displaced children by providing the essentials needed most urgently, long before any arrangements have been made to further support them.  Often children are placed quickly into foster or kinship care, for example, without much more than what they are wearing at the time. We provide displaced children with a few essential items to help resource them, restoring dignity, self-worth, and to show them someone cares.


ME Packs and ME Jnr Packs (our filled backpacks and nappy bags) contain size and gender appropriate contents including essential items such as toiletries, clothing, sleepwear, a torch, blanket and a toy or activity which will belong to the child, and will stay with them should they be relocated again.


Backpacks 4 VIC Kids incorporated in November 2014 and operated from our Founder's home until June of 2016, when we moved to a commercial premise in Cranbourne, and more recently to a larger premise in Cranbourne West.

We operate solely on donations sought through fundraising, grants and sponsorship. Donations of items for our ME Packs are greatly appreciated. Some items must be new but we also utilise preloved clothing that is in excellent condition.

Our packs must be requested in writing, by workers in the sector for example, foster and kinship care agencies, Department of Health and Human Services or Victoria Police, using our Supply Request Form. They are then handed to children as soon as practicable after displacement.

B4VK - South West Victoria Distribution Centre (SWVDC)



SWVDC sources ME backpacks from headquarters in Cranbourne and distributes them to local agencies when required.  These agencies include Warrnambool, Hamilton and Portland Child Protection, Brophy House Foster Care and Emma House Domestic Violence Services.

Our centre accepts items donated to fill the backpacks.  We give presentations to local community groups to raise our profile and gain financial support. Each Christmas we fill and supply santa sacks for children in foster care with the support of local volunteers and community groups. 


If you are a children’s foster service in South West Victoria and would like to receive ME backpacks for your kids, please contact us.  Also contact us if you are interested in volunteering.  We are always looking for opportunities to build community relationships in South West Victoria.


FB:  Backpacks 4 Vic Kids – Warrnambool


See more B4VK action via this news clip from Channel 7

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