Sponsor a Backpack 

Here you can sponsor a My Essentials (ME) backpack or nappy bag and be notified when your pack is delivered to a child in need.


Sometimes children arrive in care with only the clothes on their back. Our backpacks and nappy bags provide the essentials for a child during a time of great uncertainty. 

Our ME packs come with everything a child might need where entering out of home care or emergency accommodation, and cost just $50.00 to complete. 

How it works: 

  • Click the donate link below to purchase a backpack or nappy bag for a child in need 

  • Include a short note to your child entering out of home care

  • You will receive a notification with the the age and    gender of your child once your backpack is delivered 

Packs include, pyjamas, socks, underwear, toiletries, clothing, stationery, a torch, soft toy, a book, and age appropriate "extra love" items, including a game, puzzle or small toy. For a full list of items

see the backpacks and nappy bags section of our goods page

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